Mohamed Al Sharif | Architect, designer, and founder

Hi, I’m a Hijazi designer from Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia, who has a passion for design, especially furniture. I grew up between Jeddah, Cairo, Bagdad, and Amman. After getting a master's degree in architecture from The University of Houston, TX, I traveled extensively around the world (Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Portugal, etc.). Also, I worked in Australia as an Architect for two years (COX RICHARSON in Sydney).

Currently, I’m a member of the GDA Sidi Amor, in Tunisia. Participating along with my wife in their Green Earth Initiative (Green Building Program).

Founded the Nourenasiriya Design Studio in 2019 for designing & crafting innovative wooden objects. ZAN-f is one of its manifestations.

Nourenasiriya Design Studio

At Nourenasiriya Design Studio, we intend to revive and re-interpret traditional craft techniques from the Higaz Region of Saudi Arabia, and its sphere of cultural influence (Egypt, Syria, Iraq, India, or Indonesia to name a few). We Apply new technologies and produce modern interpretations of everyday contemporary objects. We create a contemporary vocabulary by mixing Traditional motifs with natural materials.

The Virtual Showroom 

The virtual showroom allows you to live an online experience of places fitted out by our furniture and creations. 

You can then discover the atmosphere instilled in the different rooms of a house: the living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. Different oriental cultures mix to achieve a warm, coherent, and elegant atmosphere.

 Nourenasiriya Projects

Discover our vast furniture collection inspired by the ZAN-f identity. ZAN-f creations stand out by their unique, oriental, and elegant character mixing traditional motifs with natural materials.

Nourensyria Studio also created several design and architectural projects, both virtual and physical. Our portfolio contains projects executed for clients and internal creations.